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"We have a lot of Republicans in Washington that are not acting like Republicans. There are a lot of candidates, but not a lot of them are going to bring back the principles of Ronald Reagan. We haven't had someone who is speaking for Republicans. Reagan committed to that. He was not a career candidate. He did not get into politics until he was 55 years old. It should be about ideas and principles. It should be about changing the country for the better." - John Cox

Statistics -

CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: "We can do it together!"
FULL NAME: John Herman Cox
DATE OF BIRTH: July 15, 1955
AGE: 52
SPOUSE: Sarah Hall
CHILDREN: Sarah, Stephanie, Shannon, and Julianne
PETS: None
RELIGION: Roman Catholic
PROFESSION: Businessman
TALENTS: Radio Talk Show Host
FAVORITE FITNESS ACTIVITY: Basketball and soccer

QUICK FACT: John's wife, Sarah, is partially responsible for his presidential run. Upon seeing his frustration with the corrupt and shamelessly immoral Republican leadership and the incompetent president, she encouraged him to do something about it. The next morning she found him still awake reading a Reagan book. He announced to her at that time, "Honey, I'm going to run for president."  She responded with "Oh. My. God."


Biography -

John Herman Cox is a U.S. businessman, political candidate, and former host of "Progressive Conservative," a talk show on WJJG 1530 AM in Chicago. Cox has served on the boards of charities such as the American Cancer Society, Boy's Hope/Girls Hope, and United Charities, and currently sits on the board of the USO and FireWorks for Kids Foundation.

Born on the near north side of Chicago, Cox is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago where he majored in accounting and political science, and of ITT/Chicago-Kent College of Law. He married Sarah Hall and credits her as inspiring him to run for president. They have four daughters, Sarah, Stephanie, Shannon and Julianne. Cox has taught religious education classes at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, and has served on a local school board and zoning board.

Cox created a chapter of Rebuilding Together, a nationwide charitable organization that is dedicated to renovating homes for low-income, elderly, disabled, and families with children. Seeing the need for the program in his community, Cox recruited a board and formed the Christmas in April - North Suburban Chicago Chapter.

In 1981, Cox founded a law firm specializing in corporate law and tax planning named John H. Cox and Associates Ltd.; in 1985, he founded Cox Financial Group Ltd. which specializes in investment counseling, income tax planning, retirement planning and asset protection; and in 1995, he founded Equity Property Management, a real estate management firm specializing in apartment rental property.

In 2000, Cox ran for Congress in Illinois' 10th District to replace retiring Congressman John Porter, but lost the Republican Primary race to former Porter aide Mark Kirk. In 2002, Cox ran for U.S. Senate in Illinois on a conservative platform, aligning himself with "Reagan Republicans." Again, he lost the Republican primary with 23%, losing this time to Jim Durkin. Cox later served as president of the Cook County Republican Party. In 2004, Cox ran unsuccessfully for Cook County Recorder of Deeds against incumbent Democrat Eugene Moore. Cox said he decided to run for the office in order to eliminate the position; he saw the office as an unnecessary duplication of services and had become a "model of waste and corruption".

On March 9, 2006, John Cox announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. President in 2008, becoming the first Republican to formally enter the 2008 presidential race. Cox has visited all 99 counties in Iowa, and according to a schedule posted on his website, he continues to make almost monthly visits there. The schedule also indicates that he has made twelve campaign trips to the First-in-the-Nation Primary state of New Hampshire since March, 2006, most recently in February, 2007, and has visited the early primary state of South Carolina at least five times since the announcement of his campaign.

Polls have consistently shown Cox with 1% or less of the popular vote. Because of this, Cox was not invited to participate in the 2007 first Republican Presidential debate held May 3, 2007 in the Reagan National Library, nor to the May 15 debate held by South Carolina Republican Party. He asked a federal court to stop the May 15, 2007 South Carolina debate unless he could take part, asserting in a lawsuit that the South Carolina GOP and Fox News Channel "rigged" their selection process to exclude him, however, on Friday, May 11, 2007, the judge refused to halt the debate. He did attend the debate venue, and conducted several interviews before being, as a campaign press release put it, "kicked off of the Reagan Library grounds, and had his press pass confiscated." 

As of December 22, 2006, the campaign had committee chairmen in 33 states, including the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. A press release put out by the campaign on October 26, 2006 touted the organization of 104 counties across the nation by volunteers.

On the serious issue of Iraq, Cox says the creation of employment opportunities for Iraqis in the oil reserves sector would create a means to an end of violence. Cox also proposes developing a coalition of Muslim forces to take the front line of security away from the United States in Iraq.


Platform Issues -

The War in Iraq:

I believe we need to quickly build up Iraq's economy by returning oil production to full capacity so they can become self-sufficient, then we will be able to pull out our troops victorious. A prosperous people do not turn to terrorism. We must win the war in Iraq and elsewhere so we are fighting terror over there, not over here.

Tax Policy:

I want to eliminate the IRS. Our tax system is counterproductive, too complicated and time consuming. Taxing income is inherently wrong, and stunts economic growth. That is why I support the Fair Tax, which has been introduced in the Congress as HR25 and S25. As president, I will seek to eliminate the "death tax," and will veto all tax increase proposals.

The Illegal Immigration Crisis:

While legal immigration is good for America, illegal immigration hurts our economy and strains our public services. Amnesty is not the answer, nor are "guest workers." We need Citizens who want to become part of our nation, learn English and contribute to the economy. I will crack down on businesses that hire - and exploit - illegal labor. We must protect our borders and enforce our laws.

Protecting our Second Amendment Rights:

I am a Lifetime member of the NRA and fully support gun ownership and our Second Amendment right to bear arms. "Gun control" doesn't work, and uses precious resources rather than going after criminals. Concealed Carry laws have helped prevent crime in the states that have adopted them.

National Security:

Iran, North Korea and al-Qaeda are growing threats; we must adopt Ronald Reagan's "Peace Through Strength" philosophy and communicate a policy of democracy and economic opportunity throughout the world. As president, I would strengthen our intelligence services, and I support a nuclear shield that could make nuclear weapons obsolete. I would balance protecting our civil liberties with the need to protect our national interests.

Standing for Life:

As president, I will stand for the rights of the unborn. I am proudly pro-life without exception, from conception to natural death. If there is a question about protecting life versus protecting someone's personal choices, we should ALWAYS resolve it in life's favor. We should embrace the broadest possible definition of life, and err on the side of protecting it. Government has a role in defining life as a fundamental right.

Government Spending:

As president, I will veto every Federal budget that is not balanced. Period. Government spending is out of control. Special interests make it very difficult for career politicians who depend on them for re-election to cut spending. I will eliminate the Commerce and Education Departments, I will seek Line-Item Veto and Balanced Budget Amendments from Congress, and urge zero-based budgeting and sun setting to force a constant re-evaluation of government programs

Traditional Values:

Our values have a huge impact on our quality of life and are a bedrock of our society. Our values should be reflected by elected legislators, not by unelected and impossible-to-remove judges. Government should be "family friendly" in all that it does.

Religious Freedom:

I believe that religious freedom is a fundamental human right. America should be steadfast in supporting the rights of individuals to express their religious beliefs in every corner of the world. I am a baptized, born-again evangelical Catholic who believes we need to embrace people of all religious beliefs. The religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution does not mean freedom from religion, or that religion must be banished from public discussion.

Standing for the Traditional Family and for Marriage:

The traditional American family has suffered several defeats in the past decade at the hands of state courts, who force legislatures to impose so-called "gay marriage" or "civil unions" onto the people. As president, I will stand for the traditional American family and will support swift passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment to protect against this trend.

Social Security and Government Transfer Spending:

Social Security has to be preserved, but is unsustainable in its current form. Private retirement accounts are the best hope we have to reform the system and make it financially available to future generations. Myths, lies, and demagoguery are the hallmarks of the political debate and must be replaced by sound reasoning and facts. Medicare and Medicaid are even bigger financial time bombs. I support managed care, vouchers and health savings accounts.

Regulation and Tort Reform:

Regulation is necessary but should be governed by the free market. Regulators need to understand that they serve the private economy, not the other way around. All agencies should be graded on quality and efficiency. Regulations must make sense and not pick winners and losers in the economy. Rational legal reforms like loser pays are essential to keep our economy competitive.

Reforming Politics:

We need more statesmen to enter politics, not more career politicians. The 1974 limits on spending have only cemented protected incumbents, who win with large networks of contributors. Immediate disclosure - sunlight - is the best disinfectant for a diseased campaign finance system. We must also have term limits for Congress, and repeal McCain-Feingold, which stifles free speech and has empowered liberal groups but has had no positive effects.

Health Care:

Competition in health care will bring down costs and improve efficiency. We should inject patient and doctor choice into the system to create more accountability and cost control. As president, I will use America's influence to force an end to foreign governments' subsidizing drug costs at Americans' expense. Ending the tax deduction for employee health insurance would provide more opportunity for patient choice and consumer power.

Energy and The Environment:

Diversity is the key to our energy future. We are too dependent on expensive fossil fuels. I support alternative fuels and domestic drilling. Free market incentives and sensible regulation can address the problem of pollution. I oppose the Kyoto Treaty, which would devastate the U.S. economy. Fiscal responsibility and respect for property rights is key to environmental protection. Polluters should bear economic penalties.


The government school monopoly is the problem. Competition is the answer, not more money, which has doubled after inflation in the past 20 years without much improvement in test scores. Turn parents into consumers with vouchers, which are Constitutional and do not lose money for public schools because the child is no longer there to create expenses. Education is a local and state issue. No Child Left Behind should be repealed.


A strong domestic agricultural industry is essential to our survival as a nation. A level playing field and forcing open new foreign markets for farmers that are currently closed are better than subsidies, which should be phased out. Big corporate farms have edged out the family farmers, and get most of the subsidies, but the family farm should remain the backbone of our economy.

Free but Fair Trade:

I support free but fair trade policies. As the world's largest economy, we must exercise our tremendous economic power to force our trading partners to open their markets to our goods and services. American business needs a level playing field with vast improvements necessary in our tax and regulatory systems. When Americans have that fair playing field, we can and will compete with anyone in the world.


Voting Record -

For Cox's Voting Record on issues such as Abortion, Civil Rights, Environment, Gun Control, Immigration, and more, please see:



"I am glad we have George W. Bush as President instead of Al Gore. Having said that, like many conservatives, I am very disappointed in what the President and the Republican Congressional leadership did with the power we gave them. No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Sarbanes - Oxley, the immigration sellout, the failure of tax and social security reform, the spending, McCain-Feingold, and on and on - not to mention rampant corruption. It didn't have to be like this: and we need to demand something different. That's why I am running for President."

"I fully realize that my candidacy is considered by many to be a long-shot, but given our current field of candidates, that shouldn't be a limitation, it should be an attraction. The American people are openly disdainful of their political leadership. They have put their trust in the career politicians and celebrities, but have been disappointed time and again. They feel let down and deceived by politicians they have worked and voted for, but while they still remain greatly disappointed, they are looking desperately for a leader to bring real results for our nation's families."

"I am one of those who are disappointed in our leadership, which is why I have accepted this challenge. Many Americans share those same concerns. They are looking for leadership; consistent, honest leadership that will bring common sense, solid values and empathy for the common man to the Presidency."

"Despite a lack of national media coverage of my campaign, I have been able to build campaign organizations in 30 states and have extensive grassroots contacts in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, where I have garnered significant support in straw polls."

"I am a conservative because I believe that conservative solutions solve problems, just as Reagan believed. You want security? Build the strongest, most powerful military so no one ever would think of challenging you. Want a functioning economy? Enforce the rule of law and create tax and regulatory schemes that allow for the free flow of capital. Want the best health care and education at a reasonable price? Increase supply, reduce demand and ensure fair competition - that is the free market writ large and has from time immemorial proven to be the best way to assure the availability of the utmost in quality at an affordable price."

"It is beyond obvious that social conservatives are very concerned about prospects in the 2008 Presidential election. While there are several candidates that have decent pro life and pro family records, equally clear is that many of these candidates are lacking in fiscal matters, have made seriously deficient statements in the past in regard to enforcing our immigration laws or have been members of a U.S. Congress that disappointed many conservatives in regard to the growth of government or addressing our serious challenges."


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