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"Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain." 
- Iowa State Motto

The State of Iowa was established in 1846 and was the 29th state to be admitted to the United States. It is centrally located between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and is part of the central region in the united States known as the Midwest. The state is made up of sweeping prairies, rolling hills, and winding rivers. A large percentage of the land in Iowa is used for agricultural purposes. The Capital of Iowa is Des Moines, which is located in the southern part of the state. Iowa is named after the Ioway, a Native American tribe that had settled in the region before the Europeans.
(For more Iowa History, see & Iowa Official Register.)

Iowa Statistical Dynamics Circa 2000-2005:

Population & Land Size:

Population 3,002,555
Land Size 55,869 square miles
Number of People per Mile 52.4 persons per square mile
Descendents European Hispanic / Latino African Asian American Indian Mixed Race
Population 2,708,263 119,734 77,477 47,365 11,642 26,670
Percentage 90.6% 4.0% 2.6% 1.6% 0.4% 0.9%
Years Old Under 5 Yrs Under 18 Yrs Between 18-65 Yrs 65 Yrs
Population 195,916 711,403 1,656,788 438,448
Percentage 6.1% 22.6% 56.6% 14.7%

 High School

Bachelors Degree or Higher High School Not Completed 
Age 25 & Older 25 & Older 25 & Older
Percentage 81% 21% 19%
Civilian Labor Force Unemployment Rate Average Income per Capita Average Earnings per Job Private Non-Farm Employment Farm Related Employment
1,659,800 4.6% $31,058 $35,955 1,241,864 418,136

(For more Iowa Statistics, see Census Statistics, Census Map & Population Map.)


Corn and corn components can be found in thousands of products including cleansers, cosmetics, drugs, and food. Beyond food and consumer product uses, corn is replacing petroleum in industrial applications from plastic containers to ethanol. Because corn products are a biodegradable and renewable resource, they're better for the environment than their petroleum counterparts. According to 2005-2006 USDA Industry Statistics, Iowa's corn crop is used for the following:

Animal Feed
Livestock in Iowa consumed about 550 million bushels of corn: 53% for hogs, 29% for beef cattle, 12% for poultry, and 5% for dairy cattle.

750 million bushels from Iowa�s crop left the state. More than 55% went to foreign markets
including Algeria, Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Corn Sweeteners
755 million bushels of Iowa's crop were refined into corn sweeteners used in products such as candy, cola, ice cream, jelly, lunch meat, and salad dressing. 

Iowa's growing ethanol industry used about 450 million bushels of corn.  The corn is fermented into fuel alcohol, which makes gasoline burn cleaner, reducing air pollution and eliminating water pollution.  By replacing gasoline, our need for petroleum, which isn't renewable, is reduced.  

Other Uses
275 million bushels were processed into starch for food and industrial uses such as paper, textiles, adhesives, plastics, baked goods, and soups;  190 million bushels became cereal, chips, tortillas, and other corn foods; and 135 million bushels were fermented into alcoholic beverages.

(See for additional corn resources.  All corn references and statistics courtesy of Iowa Corn Promotion Board/Iowa Corn Growers Association.)


Cattle are one of Iowa's main agricultural outputs.  Iowa saw a large increase in farming of beef during World War I, but farmers saw economic hardships after the war. These hardships were the result of the removal of war-time farm subsidies. Total recovery did not occur until the 1940s; however, with the Farm Crisis of the 1980s, Iowa saw a major decline in family farms.

Iowa is ranked second in the nation in the production of red meat.  Iowa farms account for 3.8 million head of cattle and calves.  The annual total of cattle and calves marketed is 2,110,000 head.  A cow produces an average of 20,722 pounds of milk per year.  That's equivalent to about 2,410 gallons, or 38,560 glasses of milk per year per cow.  In 2005, there was an average of 194,000 milk cows in Iowa.


Iowa farmers earned $6.07 billion in 2003 from the sale of livestock.  Thirty-two thousand Iowa farms have cattle; 47 percent have less than 50 head, 20 percent have 50-99 head, 30 percent have 100-499 head, 2 percent have 500-999 head, and 1 percent have more than 1,000 head.


Iowa is the nation's number one pork producing state, responsible for almost 25 percent of total U.S. pork production. With its supreme environment and availability of corn and soybeans for feed, Iowa's 10,000 pork producers maximize quality and produce the type of meat in demand by both domestic and overseas buyers. Research is a big part of Iowa's effective pork production. With the help of researchers at Iowa State University and the university's Meat Export Research Center, the Iowa pork industry keeps abreast of new products and processing technologies, export-related technology, and market and economic studies. 

Iowa's independent farmers, who market more than 21 million hogs a year, raise a variety of outstanding hog breeds in Iowa. Through superior genetics and selective breeding, Iowa's animal herds have become the envy of pork producers everywhere. Regardless of breed, however, Iowa hogs are recognized as being the best in America. And that translates into a high demand for Iowa pork products among international customers. Iowa pork has become the standard for excellence in pork products worldwide.

10 Reasons the Pork Industry is Important to Iowa:

1. Iowa's hog farmers produce high quality, affordable pork that consumers enjoy. The state of Iowa has often been referred to as "The Food Capital of the World" because our soil, climate, transportation systems and capable farmers allow us to grow abundant corn and soybeans and raise hogs, cattle, turkeys, poultry and sheep. 

2. The Iowa pork industry creates jobs for over 65,000 Iowans. From farm to table, it takes thousands upon thousands of jobs to get that wholesome Iowa Chop or pork burger to the dinner table. A strong pork industry means good jobs for Iowans.

3. The pork industry generates $12 billion annually in economic activity. Pork production is a multi-billion dollar industry for the state of Iowa. Local, state and property taxes from the pork industry contributes over $70 million dollars to the state's rural economy alone. Every pig raised in Iowa results in an additional $2.75 in local tax revenue that directly benefits that county's communities and schools.

4. The pork industry serves as a strong foundation for our rural communities to grow. Pork producers keep businesses thriving and rural residents employed by purchasing feed, building equipment, machinery, gas, energy and numerous other inputs from local suppliers. Property, income, and sales taxes generated from pork production fund local schools, neighborhood improvement, road maintenance and many other public programs.

5. The pork industry makes use of Iowa's excellent transportation system and infrastructure, production, and labor supply. With two major interstates, access to railways, and two major rivers bordering each side, Iowa has an advantage for livestock production over other states. With pork production flourishing, it makes sense to locate packing, processing, marketing, and transportation logistics jobs in the state. 

6. Pork production provides a market for and adds value to over 30% of Iowa's corn and soybeans. Corn, a cereal grain that provides energy, is the major ingredient in swine feed. Soybean meal provides a protein source, and vitamins and minerals are added to ensure the pigs are getting all the essential nutrients of a healthy diet.

7. With more people moving out to enjoy the peaceful rural countryside, farmers are committed to being good environmental stewards of the land and good neighbors by using technologies to protect the environment and reduce farm odors. 

8. Iowa farmers realize the value of hog manure, or swine nutrients. It contains the essential elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) that are needed to replenish the soil for next year's corn and soybean crops, and the largest market for this grain happens to be Iowa hogs.

9. Iowa farmers take pride in giving back to their communities, as they continue the long-time tradition of helping out friends, neighbors, and pitching in for the good of the community. The Iowa Pork Producers Association is made up of county pork producer groups who have been organizing community projects for years. 

10. From "Pork Chops on a Stick" at the State Fair to thick and juicy Iowa Chops in our grocery stores, Iowa has rich food traditions enjoyed by farm families and urban consumers alike. The name 'Iowa Chop' was chosen because of the high quality and quantity of pork produced in Iowa. By definition, it's a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick, fresh, center cut pork chop, weighing in at 10-15 ounces.



The State of Iowa will currently hold its caucus on February 3rd, 2020.  Under state law, it is sanctioned to be the first caucus held in the Nation. 

Past Iowa Caucus Results:     __________ = Winning Candidate
Year Democrats Republicans

1) Hillary Clinton
) Bernie Sanders
3) Martin O'Malley

1) Ted Cruz
2) Donald Trump  
3) Marco Rubio
4) Ben Carson     
5) Rand Paul  
6) Jeb Bush
7) Carly Fiorina
8.) John Kasich

1) Barack Obama

) Rick Santorum
2) Mitt Romney
3) Ron Paul
4) Newt Gigrich
5) Rick Perry
6) Michele Bachmann
7) Jon Huntsman

1) Barack Obama
2) John Edwards
3) Hillary Clinton
4) Bill Richardson
5) Joe Biden
6) Chris Dodd
7) Dennis Kucinich
8) Gravel

1) Mike Huckabee
2) Mitt Romney
3) Fred Thompson
4) John McCain
5) Ron Paul
6) Rudy Giuliani
7) Duncan Hunter
8) John Cox

1) John Kerry
2) John Edwards
3) Howard Dean
4) Richard Gephard
5) Dennis Kucinich

1) George W. Bush (Sitting Pres. - unchallenged)
2000 1) Albert Gore (Sitting VP)
2) Bill Bradley

1) George W. Bush
2) Steve Forbes
3) Alan Keyes
4) Gary Bauer
5) John McCain
6) Orrin Hatch

1996 1) William Clinton (Sitting Pres. - unchallenged)

1) Robert Dole
2) Pat Buchanan
3) Lamar Alexander
4) Steve Forbes
5) Phil Gramm
6) Alan Keyes
7) Richard Lugar
8) Morry Taylor


1) Tom Harkin
2) Paul Tsongas
3) William Clinton
4) Bob Kerrey
5) Jerry Brown

1) George Bush, Sr. (Sitting Pres. - unchallenged)

1) Dick Gephardt
2) Paul Simon
3) Michael Dukakis
4) Bruce Babbitt

1) Robert Dole
2) Pat Robertson
3) George Bush, Sr. (Sitting VP)
4) Jack Kemp
5) Pete Dupont


1) Walter Mondale
2) Gary Hart
3) George McGovern
4) Alan Cranston
5) John Glenn
6) Rueben Askew
7) Jesse Jackson

1) Ronald Reagan (Sitting President)
1980 1) Jimmy Carter (Sitting President)
2) Ted Kennedy

1) George Bush, Sr.
2) Ronald Regan
3) Howard Baker
4) John Connally
5) Phil Crane
6) John Anderson
7) Robert Dole


1) Jimmy Carter
2) Birch Bayh 
3) Fred Harris
4) Morris Udall
5) Sargent Shriver
6) Henry Jackson

1) Gerald Ford (Sitting President)
2) Ronald Reagan

1) Edmund Muskie
2) George McGovern
3) Hubert Humphrey
4) Eugene McCarthy
5) Shirley Chisholm
6) Henry Jackson


In 29 out of 40 elections, Iowa has voted for the winning presidential candidate. Therefore, Iowa has given its electoral votes to the winning president about 70% of the time and would be a fairly reliable source for predicting the outcome of the next presidential election.

Iowa's Voting History & Results:     = WINNING CANDIDATE


Democrat Republican Iowa Voted
1848  Lewis Cass - MI Zachary Taylor - LA
1852 Franklin Pierce - NH 
Winfield Scott - NJ Franklin Pierce 
1856 James Buchanan - PA 
John Fr�mont - CA
1860  John Breckinridge - KY  Abraham Lincoln - IL 
Abraham Lincoln 
1864 George McClellan - NJ Abraham Lincoln - IL 
Abraham Lincoln 
1868  Horatio Seymour - NY Ulysses Grant - IL 
Ulysses Grant 
1872  Horace Greeley - NY Ulysses Grant - IL 
Ulysses Grant 
1876  Samuel Tilden - NY Rutherford Hayes - OH
Rutherford Hayes
1880 Winfield Hancock - PA James Garfield - OH
James Garfield
1884 Grover Cleveland - NY
James Blaine - ME James 
1888  Grover Cleveland - NY Benjamin Harrison - IN
Benjamin Harrison
1892  Grover Cleveland - NY
Benjamin Harrison - IN Benjamin Harrison
1896  William Bryan - NE William McKinley - OH
William McKinley
1900  William Bryan - NE William McKinley - OH
William McKinley
1904 Alton Parker - NY Theodore Roosevelt - NY
Theodore Roosevelt
1908 William Bryan - NE William Taft - OH
1912 Woodrow Wilson - NJ
William Taft - OH Woodrow Wilson
1916 Woodrow Wilson - NJ
Charles Hughes - NY  Charles Hughes
1920 James Cox - OH  Warren Harding - OH
Warren Harding
1924 John Davis - WV Calvin Coolidge - MA
Calvin Coolidge
1928 Alfred Smith - NY Herbert Hoover - CA
Herbert Hoover
1931 Franklin Roosevelt - NY
Herbert Hoover - CA Franklin Roosevelt
1936 Franklin Roosevelt - NY
Alfred Landon - KS Franklin Roosevelt
1940 Franklin Roosevelt - NY
Wendell Willkie - NY Wendell 
1944 Franklin Roosevelt - NY
Thomas Dewey - NY Thomas Dewey
1948 Harry Truman - MO
Thomas Dewey - NY Harry Truman
1952 Adlai Stevenson - IL Dwight Eisenhower - NY
Dwight Eisenhower
1956 Adlai Stevenson - IL Dwight Eisenhower - NY
Dwight Eisenhower
1960  John Kennedy - MA
Richard Nixon - CA  John Kennedy-MA 
1964 Lyndon Johnson - TX
Barry Goldwater - AZ Lyndon Johnson
1968 Hubert Humphrey - MN Richard Nixon - NY
Richard Nixon
1972 George McGovern - SD Richard Nixon - NY
Richard Nixon
1976 Jimmy Carter - GA
Gerald Ford - MI
Gerald Ford
1980 Jimmy Carter - GA Ronald Reagan - CA
Ronald Reagan
1984 Walter Mondale - MN Ronald Reagan - CA
Ronald Reagan
1988 Michael Dukakis - MA  George Bush, Sr. - TX
Michael Dukakis
1992 William Clinton - AR
George Bush, Sr. - TX William Clinton
1996 William Clinton - AR
Robert Dole - KS William Clinton
2000 Albert Gore - TN  George Bush - TX
2004 John Kerry - MA George Bush - TX
George Bush
2008 Barack Obama - IL
John McCain - AZ
Barack Obama
2012 Barack Obama - IL
Mitt Romney - MA
Barack Obama
2016 Hillary Clinton - NY
Donald Trump  - NY
Donald Trump
Total 18 Wins Total 26Wins  TOTAL 32 out of 43


We thank the following resources:

Iowa Publications Online
Iowa Data Center
Iowa Corn
Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship
Iowa Pork Producers Association
Iowa Legislature General Assembly
Historical Election Results



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