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(Schedules are subject to periodic change and updates.)


Democratic Candidates 2012
Republican Candidates 2012

3rd -- *Iowa Caucus1
10th -- *New Hampshire Primary1
21st -- *Nevada Non-binding Precinct Viability Caucuses1
28th -- *S. Carolina Presidential Primary/Precinct Reorganization Mtg1
31st -- Florida Non-binding Primary


7th -- *Missouri Primary1
Minnesota Precinct Caucuses (tentative)
18th -- Mississippi Precinct Mtgs
21st -- Washington Non-binding Primary (may be canc'd - tentative)
28th -- Arizona Non-binding Primary
Michigan Non-binding Primary





NOTE: March 1st, 2012 Democratic unpledged delegates are automatically selected.

3rd -- S. Carolina Precinct Reorganization Mtg
6th -- *Massachusetts Primary1
*Minnesota Precinct Caucuses1
Oklahoma Primary1
*Tennessee Primary1
*Virginia Primary (only 1 candidate qualified - canc'd)1
*Vermont Primary1
*American Samoa Territorial Caucus (tentative)1
*Colorado Precinct Caucus (tentative)
*Georgia Primary (tentative)1
*Ohio Primary (tentative)1
7th -- *Hawaii Precinct Caucus1
10th -- Iowa County Conventions
Mississippi County Conventions
S. Dakota State Legislative District Caucuses
Tennessee County Conventions

11th -- *Maine Municipal Caucuses1
13th -- *
Alabama Primary1
Mississippi Primary1
Utah Caucuses1
13th - April 19th -- Utah County Conventions
15th - March 27th -- S. Carolina County Conventions
20th --
*Illinois Primary1
24th --
*Louisiana Primary1
S. Dakota Congressional District Caucuses
Tennessee District Conventions
Vermont Town Caucuses
30th - April 28th -- Colorado County Assemblies & Conventions (tentative)
31st -- *Arizona Congressional District Caucuses1
Tennessee State Executive Committee
31st - April 28th -- Mississippi Congressional District Conventions



3rd -- *District of Columbia Primary1
Maryland Primary1
Texas Primary1
Wisconsin Primary1
9th - 16th -- *Alaska Precinct / House District Caucuses1
14th -- *
Idaho County Caucus1
Kansas Local Unit Conventions1
Nebraska Precinct Caucuses1
Nevada County Conventions
Oklahoma State Convention
Wyoming County Caucuses1
Alabama State Executive Committee Mtg (tentative)
14th - 21st -- Texas County & Senate District Conventions (tentative)
15th -- *Washington Precinct Caucuses1
Wisconsin County Caucuses
20th - 21st -- Utah State Convention
21st -- Arizona State Convention
Georgia Congressional District Caucuses
Massachusetts Congressional District Caucuses
Washington Legislative District Caucuses
24th -- *Connecticut Primary1
*New York Primary1
*Pennsylvania Primary1
*Delaware Primary (tentative)1

*Rhode Island Primary (tentaive)1
26th -- Missouri Congressional District Conventions
28th -- California Pre-primary Caucus
*Iowa District Conventions
New Hampshire Caucus / Nat'l Convention Delegation Mtg
Louisiana Post Primary Congressional Caucus (tentative)
Ohio State Executive Committee (tentative)
29th -- Washington County Conventions


1st - 6th -- *Democrats Abroad Global Primary1
3rd --
*District of Columbia State Party Committee
5th -- *Florida County Caucuses1
Kansas District Conventions
Louisiana State Convention
Massachusetts State Committee & Nat'l Convention Delegate Mtg
Michigan Precinct Caucuses1
Missouri State Committee
Guam Territorial Caucus (Party Run Primary) (tentative)1
6th --
Wisconsin Congressional District Caucuses
7th -- Illinois Nat'l Convention Delegation Mtg
8th -- *Indiana Primary1
N. Carolina Primary1
W. Virginia Primary1
11th - 13th -- Alaska
State Party Convention
12th -- S. Carolina State Convention
12th - 26th -- Virginia Congressional District
14th -- *Maryland State Democratic Central Committee Mtg
15th -- Idaho Non-binding Primary
*Oregon Primary1
Nebraska Advisory Primary (tentative)
19th -- N. Carolina Congressional District Conventions
19th - 20th -- *Democrats Abroad Global Convention
19th - June 1st -- *Colorado District Conventions
20th -- *Washington Congressional District Caucuses
22nd -- *Arkansas Primary1
*Kentucky Primary1
25th -- New York State Committee
25th - 27th -- Hawaii State Convention
26th -- Georgia State Committee Mtg
Mississippi State Convention
Vermont State Convention
Wyoming State Convention
30th -- Connecticut Congressional District Caucuses


1st - 10th -- Nebraska County Conventions
2nd -- *Colorado State Convention
*Kansas State Convention
Kentucky State Convention
Michigan District Conventions
Oregon Congressional District Conventions
2nd - 3rd -- Florida State Convention
Maine State Convention
Minnesota State Convention
Washington State Convention
3rd -- *Puerto Rico Senate District Caucuses1
Virgin Islands Territorial Convention1
5th -- *
California Primary1
Montana Primary1
N. Dakota Legislative District Caucus1
New Jersey Primary1
New Mexico Primary1
S. Dakota Primary1
6th --
Connecticut District Level Delegation Mtg
7th -- Montana County Caucuses
8th -- Wisconsin Administrative Committee Mtg & State Convention
8th - 9th -- *Texas State Convention
W. Virginia State Convention & Executive
9th -- Delaware State Convention
Missouri State Convention
Montana State Convention
New Mexico State Party Central Committee & District Conventions
Pennsylvania State Committee
Virginia State Convention
Vermont Nat'l Convention Delegate Mtg
9th - 10th -- *Nevada State Convention
10th -- *Idaho State Convention
Puerto Rico Democratic Assembly
16th -- *Arkansas Special State Convention
Iowa State Convention
Indiana State Convention
N. Carolina State Convention
N. Dakota State Delegate Selection Mtg
New Jersey State Committee
New Mexico State Party Central Committee
Oregon State Convention
21st -- Rhode Island State Convention
23rd -- *Michigan State Central Committee
Nebraska State Convention
24th -- *California Delegation Mtg
30th -- S. Dakota State Convention/State Party Central Committee





Unassigned - To be Determined (tentative)


3rd -- *Iowa Caucus
10th -- *New Hampshire Primary
21st -- *S. Carolina Primary
24th -- Louisiana District Caucuses (tentative)
24th -- W. Virginia County Republican Convention (tentative)
31st -- *Florida Primary


February - April -- Wisconsin District Caucuses

4th -- Nevada Precinct Caucuses
4th - 11th -- *Maine Municipal Caucuses / Non-binding Straw Poll
7th -- *
Colorado Precinct Caucuses
Minnesota Precinct Caucuses / Non-binding Straw Poll
Missouri Non-binding Primary
7th - 11th -- Northern Marianas Precinct Caucuses (tentative)
9th - 29th -- Wyoming Non-binding Straw Poll (tentative)
9th - May 1st -- Virginia Local Mass Mtgs, Party Canvasses, Conventions
17th - March 21st -- Minnesota BPOU Conventions
18th -- Georgia Precinct Mass Mtgs
25th -- *Northern Marianas Commonwealth Convention (tentative)
28th -- *Arizona Primary
*Michigan Primary (tentative)


March -- S. Dakota County/Regional/State/Nat'l Delegate Selection Mtgs
S. Carolina County Conventions (tentative)

3rd -- *Washington Precinct Caucuses/Straw Poll
6th -- *Alaska District Conventions
*Idaho County Caucuses
*N. Dakota Caucuses
Tennessee Primary
Virginia Primary
Vermont Primary
*Georgia Primary (tentative)
*Massachusetts Primary
*Ohio Primary (tentative)
*Oklahoma Primary (tentative)
W. Virginia State Presidential Convention (canc'd) (tentative)

6th - 10th -- *Wyoming County Conventions
10th -- Georgia Precinct Mass Mtgs/County Conventions
Iowa County Conventions
*Kansas Caucuses
*Virgin Islands Territorial Caucus
*Guam Territorial Caucus (tentative)
10th - 17th -- Nevada County Conventions (tentative)
13th -- *
Alabama Primary
*American Samoa Territorial Caucus
*Hawaii Precinct Caucuses
*Mississippi Primary (tentative)
15th -- Utah Precinct Caucuses
17th -- Missouri County Caucuses
17th - April 21st -- Washington County Conventions / Legislative District Caucus
18th -- *
Puerto Rico Primary (tentative)
20th -- *Illinois Primary
24th -- *Louisiana Primary
28th -- Colorado County Assemblies
29th - April 13th -- *Colorado District Conventions
30th - April 1st -- N. Dakota State Convention
30th - April 24th -- *Kansas Congressional District Conventions
31st - April 14th -- Oklahoma District Conventions




April -- New Mexico Precinct Mtgs (tentative)
Ohio District Conventions (tentative)
Puerto Rico Primary (tentative)
S. Carolina District Conventions (tentative)
Vermont Town Caucuses (tentative)

1st - 21st -- Arizona District & County Conventions (tentative)
3rd -- *District of Columbia Primary
Maryland Primary
Texas Primary
Wisconsin Primary
7th - 28th -- N. Carolina District Conventions (tentative)
7th -- *Tennessee State Executive Committee (tentative)
12th - 14th -- *Wyoming Convention
14th -- *Colorado State Convention
Georgia District Conventions
14th - 21st -- *Minnesota District Conventions
21st -- Iowa District Statutory Caucus
Missouri Congressional District Conventions
Utah State
23rd - May 11th -- *Arkansas Special Mtg of the County Conventions
24th -- *Connecticut Primary
*Delaware Primary (tentative)

*New York Primary (tentative)
*Pennsylvania Primary (tentative)
*Rhode Island Primary (tentaive)
24th - July 1st -- *Kansas State Party Committee Mtg (tentative)
26th - 28th -- *Alaska State Convention
27th - 28th -- Maryland Spring Convention
28th -- Delaware State Convention
Precinct Caucuses & County Conventions (tentative)




May -- Connecticut State Committee Mtg (tentative)
Ohio State Convention (tentative)

3rd -- Michigan County Conventions
4th - 5th -- *Minnesota State Convention
5th -- Massachusetts Deadline for Congressional District Conventions (tentative)
5th - 6th -- *Maine District Caucuses & State Convention
Nevada State Convention
8th -- *Indiana Primary
N. Carolina Primary (tentative)
W. Virginia Primary (tentative)
11th - 12th -- Oklahoma State Convention (tentative)
11th - 26th -- Virginia District Conventions (tentative)
12th -- Arizona District Caucus & State Convention
12th - 19th -- New Mexico County
15th -- Idaho Non-binding Primary
*Oregon Primary
Nebraska Non-binding Primary (tentative)
18th - 19th -- Georgia State
Michigan Congressional District Caucuses/State Convention
19th -- S. Carolina State Convention
Vermont State Convention
Mississippi State Convention (tentative)
22nd -- *Arkansas Primary
*Kentucky Primary (tentative)
22nd - 23rd -- *New York State Committee (tentative)
31st - June 2nd -- *Washington State Convention






June -- Kentucky District Conventions (tentative)

1st -- *Pennsylvania Summer Mtg (tentative)
1st - 2nd -- N. Carolina State Convention (tentative)
1st - 10th -- Nebraska County Conventions
2nd -- Louisiana State Convention
Missouri State Convention
5th -- *California Primary
Montana Non-binding Primary
*New Mexico Primary
S. Dakota Primary
*New Jersey Primary (tentative)
New Jersey Election of Delegates (tentative)
7th - 9th -- Texas State Convention (tentative)
8th - 9th -- *Illinois Convention
*Indiana State Convention
9th --
Arkansas Special District Convention
Kentucky State Convention (tentative)
14th - 16th -- *Montana State Convention
15th -- Massachusetts Deadline for State Committee Mtg (tentative)
16th -- *Iowa
State Convention
Virginia State Convention
*New Mexico State Republican Convention
23rd -- Arkansas State Committee Mtg
Oregon District
26th -- *Utah Primary











14th -- *Nebraska State Convention (tentative)


(Schedules are subject to periodic change and updates.)

* Major event or National Convention delegates allocated.
1 Democratic Party's "First Determining Step" of the delegate selection process.




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